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It only takes a few simple steps to display your Lhasa Apso pedigree.

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  • If you use slow search, entering "Saxon" will find all Lhasa Apsos whose names contain the letters "Saxon", including all those containing "Saxonsprings" or "Saxondale". Slow search is more thorough and accurate.
  • If you use fast search, you must provide a full word (not a partial word) for matches to show up; for example, entering "Saxonsprings" will find all Lhasa Apsos whose names contain the word "Saxonsprings" but would not find those whose names contain "Saxon" or "Saxondale". For more successful searches, please use a word longer than 3 letters and omit any 's at the end.
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Lhasa Apso database, currently 9514 entries. Last updated 20 October 2008.
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A special thank you to the members of the Ozlhasa Group for their help and encouragement with this project.

DISCLAIMER: This Database is a work in progress. While every effort has been taken to ensure accuracy, the information contained in this site is NOT guaranteed.  It is often NOT from official sources. If you wish to provide corrections, new pedigrees or new titles please email Rachel with the information. All submissions gratefully received.  If you wish to have YOUR dogs removed please contact me to discuss the matter.  This site is provided as a free service to Lhasa Apso enthusiasts and IS NOT and NEVER claimed to be an official source of pedigree information.  If in doubt ask the breeder!  Errors can and do occur, as to who made them......that is irrespective; let me know and they will be corrected at the first opportunity.

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